How many Dofollow backlinks does a website need or what should be its domain rating

How many Dofollow backlinks does a website need or what should be its domain rating

How many do-follow backlinks a website should have and what their domain rating should be depends on factors such as the website’s location, the star of its competition, and the authority of its website.

But some general guidelines can be given:

For new website:

Do-Follow Backlinks: 10-20

Domain Rating: 20-30

For medium-sized websites:

Do-Follow Backlinks: 50-100

Domain Rating: 40-60

For larger websites:

Do-Follow Backlinks: 100+

Domain Rating: 70+

These are only estimates, and the number of backlinks available to your website will depend on your specific goals and circumstances.

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Some other things to keep in mind:

The quality of backlinks is important. A high-quality do-follow backlink will be more valuable than low-quality backlinks.

You should try to get backlinks from different domains. Getting backlinks from a single domain will not be as beneficial.

You should monitor your backlinks from time to time and take steps to remove any critical links.

There are several ways to get backlinks:

Writing Guest Posts: You can write guest posts on websites related to your topic and include the link to your website.

Creating Infographics: You can create infographics related to your topic and share them on other websites.

Submission to Directories: You can submit your website to pertinent directories.

Social Media Promotion: You can share your website link in your social media profiles and groups.

There are some useful tools that can help you get backlinks:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • fun
  • buzzsumo

Here are some more tips that can help increase your website’s domain rating:

Provide high-quality content: Your website content should be relevant, informative, and engaging.

Increase your website loading speed: Your website should load fast.

Make your website mobile-friendly: Your website should appear correctly on all mobile devices.

Promote your website on social media: You can share your website link on your social media profiles and groups.

It is important to note that domain rating is only a metric and does not guarantee the success of your website. It is important to develop an overall SEO strategy for your website, which includes creating high-quality content, acquiring backlinks, and improving the technical health of your website.

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